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Guangzhou November 2015 southern power - guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao fashion

KELLY YEUNG style concept luxury brand In guangzhou pearl river international textile city grandly held—2015 guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao fashion festival《鳳集》Kelly Yeung And won "guangdong, Hong Kong and macau fashion art brand and designer award"

Yang xi rui(Kelly Yeung) as Kelly Yeung name brand, founder and director of design, from the microcosmic point of view the world usually, find hidden in another dimension, under ordinary romance will be more beautiful in life. Kelly Yeung to select various kinds of imported and domestic top pure silk fabrics, with exquisite craft, makes the seemingly simple and easy lady faintly revealed the artistic, natural beauty with good moods and magnificent luxury.
Clothing with exquisite decorative details, flashing crystal jewelry and manual embroidery in light and decoration on the dress, the delicate ornament to decorate feeling greatly strengthened the whole layout, crystal adornment flickering elements haute couture was built for women, mainly in the form of a local or distributed. With the process of inlaying embroidery, the decoration of delicate beads is presented in the garment with the exquisite craftsmanship. Bring the floral element into the clothing, bring the vitality feeling, combine the three-dimensional flower modelling to highlight. Retro style, loose skirt design, gentle breeze, romantic and elegant, the more elegant and romantic side of the female display.

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The perfection of beauty

June 2017 KELLY YEUNG light luxury dress brand experience pavilion fashion openi

It presents a luxurious, elegant, elegant, luxurious and luxurious dress with "Oriental Aesthetics" as the inspiration for the design. "Elegance" lies in the simple and flexible lines in its style and tailoring, and "luxury" seeks the ultimate beauty because of the luxurious fabric and materials used. Reflect extraordinary visual feast.

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